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New Home & Christmas Haul

October 12, 2017

This month I have filmed a huge home and Christmas haul video on my YouTube channel. Make sure you watch, like and subscribe. I cannot believe I’ve had over 700 views already on my channel and it’s  only been live a few weeks. Lots more videos coming soon, including lots of Disney World and Orlando […]

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Bonus Bargain Haul

I went shopping a couple of days ago and spotted a few bargains at Clinton’s cards which I could not resist for early Christmas present shopping. I also had to get to the body shop to try the new Pumpkin Vanilla range. Pumpkin is my favorite smell and taste ever! So check out my video […]

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My Pumpkin Spice Addiction

August 22, 2017
pumpkin spiced latte

Who else is in love with PUMPKIN SPICE? I am utterly addicted to the stuff, anytime I see anything Pumpkin spice flavour I literally squeal with delight. Although that isn’t very often in the UK as we only seem to get it at Starbucks 😞 When we are in the US we get it on […]

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