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My First Ever Blog Post

August 22, 2017
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Well this is it, my first blog post, finally!

I have been talking and talking about blogging and vlogging for so long now my hubby is sick of hearing it! I’ve bought so many domain names then changed my mind, spent hours configuring websites and wordpress only to let it go and expire. I know…wasteful right? I didn’t have the confidence in myself or my knowledge to actually get off my behind and do it! I always thought its already been done, everyone already knows about this whats the point in them hearing it from me?

Now since having my 2 lovely children I have spent most of my time at home with them being so little and thought this would be the ideal time to start. my hubby has taken over almost all of our business duties so I literally just look after the kids full time. Our eldest is starting nursery in a few weeks which will enable me to blog and vlog as my youngest naps every day still.

This will of course give me time to spend on my overwhelming obsession….Disney World (and Orlando in general). I can start writing about our tips, reviews, hints and experiences from our trips. Along with new things we learn along the way whilst planning our next trip in 2019 where we go with our children for the first time! They are so excited, my eldest keeps making eyelash wishes (where you cover a stray eyelash on the back of your hand, close your eyes make a wish and blow it away) to go to Disney World after watching endless youtube vlogs and podcasts. My son loves his food, he is obsessed so watching dining reviews and looking at disney food pics is driving him bonkers…haha.

While quite a lot of my posts will be about Disney planning I will also be blogging about our real lives where you see us as we are. We aren’t perfect in anyway we all have flaws, but we keep it real. what you will read and see (on our youtube channel) is us as we really are, no fakeness. You will see the good days and the not so good days.

We like any other regular family across the UK are being stretched financially by the current climate and increases in food and shopping costs. I have made the effort to try and combat our spending by being thrifty. I have started frugal shopping, finding deals online, shopping in discount stores, buying yellow labels, making the most of Facebook marketplace and ebay to furnish our home and put clothes on our kids. I unlike some do not see the shame in finding a bargain, shopping second hand or buying short date items. What is the shame in creating more for your family? I will be blogging and flogging my bargains, thrifty recipes, discount store hauls and letting you know of any deals I see along the way.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you will return to read about my family and our adventures. Check out our social media links below, like, follow and subscribe. Thanks, Gina

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